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- 10/19/2021

Replenology® hair system prevents female hair loss and promotes growth, new study shows

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The results of a pivotal clinical trial on hair loss in women have been published in The Lancet’s journal, EClinicalMedicine, and the paper has been placed in The Lancet’s Specialty Collection on Regenerative Medicine. The investigation studied the patent-pending botanical Replenology® hair system from Arbor Life Labs, which is designed to promote healthy hair growth, prevent hair loss and activate dormant hair follicles.



Although scalp hair loss or alopecia is perceived to be a normal sign of aging, it can be a socially debilitating and psychologically distressing condition in women. Losing your hair as a woman, especially if you’re young or at a vulnerable time in your life, can harm your appearance and confidence. Dermatologists agree that there is an unmet need for safe and effective solutions to treat hair loss. Recent developments in molecular, stem cell and hair biology have opened a window of opportunity for the development of the Replenology® hair system as a natural multi-target solution.


The trial enrolled 46 women from 24–64 years of age with conditions including female patterned hair loss, hair thinning or diffuse hair loss. The researchers found that Replenology® increased total scalp hair density by 33.9 hairs/cm2 and 18.6% more than the placebo. This result is a four-fold improvement in hair growth and response rates in just 24 weeks when compared with clinical trials of currently available hair loss products. The researchers also found hair regrowth accelerated during the trial. The publication concluded that a woman may restore her normal hair density with extended use of the Replenology® hair system.


“The clinical significance of this trial’s results is a major milestone for the company,” says Peter Feldman, CEO of Arbor and first author of the publication. “Since 1995, scientists have said that there is no single molecule, either orally or topically delivered, that can solve the problem of hair loss,” he adds. “Likewise, it has been stated that there is no single botanical that can target all aspects of hair follicle health. The Replenology® formulation, however, is a nutrient combination that supports the requirements of healthy functioning hair follicles.”


The Replenology® formulation has been developed to support seven categories of hair follicle health, including growth factors, circulation, anti-androgens, follicle protection, hair stem cell stimulation, immune regulation and nutrition. Replenology® uses active ingredients that have all been well documented in scientific literature as being associated with aspects of healthy hair growth.


As an example, DHT — the most active form of testosterone — is known to disrupt hair cycles and cause hair thinning. Five of Replenology®’s ingredients have anti-DHT and other helpful properties.


“Hair loss can be a life-altering experience for women of all ages,” says Deborah Cahan, Executive Vice President of Arbor and co-author of the publication. “They’re looking for safe and effective natural solutions that they can trust. The Replenology® hair system is clean-label, natural, vegan and free from GMOs.”


Based on a personal journey to find a natural solution to reverse the emotionally devastating effects of dramatic hair loss, Arbor has spent the last 15 years researching and developing multi-molecular targeting approaches to activate stem cells and restore normal physiology to aging tissues and organs. Replenology® has been formulated to target 21 molecular pathways associated with healthy hair follicles and works by restoring levels of nutrients that are not normally found in a regular diet and/or hair care products.