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- 09/05/2023

ROELMI HPC: ExceptionHYAL® Blossom: the new nutraceutical adjuvant designed for women health

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Menopause is a physiological moment in women life which coincides with the cessation of menstrual cycle and consequently the end of the reproductive time. The decrease in estrogen can cause some disturbances and symptoms, both of a neurovegetative and psycho-affective nature. Manifestations timing, prevalence and severity widely vary across individuals: beside the common sleep, mood or cognitive alterations and sexual dysfunction, women are also at risk of cardiovascular complications, and they are more prone to bone fragility. Is not to be underestimated also the vulvovaginal atrophy, a condition in which the sex steroids loss leads to thinning of the vaginal mucosa, with consequent loss of elasticity and hydration, decreased lubrication, burning and irritation, dyspareunia, dysuria, incontinence, and an increased risk of recurrent urinary infections, as well as a serious discomfort.

There are different approaches to re-balance intimate equilibrium: hormonal therapy, moisturizers, and anesthetic are the most common treatments. Several nutraceutical actives aim to keep intimate tissues hydrated, soothe inflammation and help epithelium recovery. Among them, hyaluronans are a powerful support for vaginal relief. When taken orally, they increase endogenous synthesis of hyaluronans, supporting those biological processes that could suffer from deficiencies of these fundamental molecules, linked to aging and particular physiological conditions such as menopause.

ExceptionHYAL® Blossom is the ROELMI HPC’s complementary approach to fight the menopause discomforts.

Thanks to its 2.0 Full Spectrum Hyaluronans, based on HATech 2.0® technology (a specific HA fingerprint of targeted defined molecular weights), ExceptionHYAL® Blossom meets the HA physiologic need of vaginal mucosa increasing glycosaminoglycans, aquaporins and protein synthesis, thus promoting the hydration. It induces an amelioration of symptoms such as vaginal dryness, itching, pain and urinary urgency typical for women in menopause, thus improving the quality of life.

ExceptionHYAL® Blossom is also able to positively stimulate the bone mineralization and pushing the expression of bone proliferation genes, favoring the osteogenesis, as positively demonstrated by in-vitro evidences.

In a randomized controlled clinical study, 30 women in menopause (age 45-65 years) suffering of vulvovaginal atrophy were enrolled and assigned to two groups. All of them underwent radiofrequency with poration for five weeks; women belonging to the active group took one capsule/day containing 200mg of ExceptionHYAL® Blossom for eight weeks, the control group received only the radiofrequency with poration.  

The study demonstrated that ExceptionHYAL® Blossom induces a progressive improvement of the vulvovaginal atrophy symptoms, showing persistent benefits given by the oral supplementation. In addiction, the positive outcomes are maintained during the follow-up (T16), when the differences vs. control are even more evident.

The unique composition and activity of ExceptionHYAL® Blossom in the management of vulvovaginal atrophy are promoted by the significant results in just 8 weeks of treatment and by a low dosage (200mg/day), all features contributing to the high consumer compliance to the treatment.

ExceptionHYAL®Blossom by ROELMI HPC is the ideal ingredient for the development of food supplements realized to help counteract menopause discomforts.