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- 03/19/2020

ROELMI HPC is very proud to present the new arrival in its web family: SynBalance® website

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SynBalance® line is our Nutraceutical flagship focused on the design, development, and manufacturing of top-quality probiotic bacteria. Offering a wide selection of proprietary strains belonging to Lactobacilli, Bifidobacteria and other species developed through cutting-edge bio-fermentation technology.

We started our activity on probiotics in the 2000s, when Italy was surfing the probiotic supplements market to reach the second position after USA. Thanks to some founding projects and collaborations with Universities, we could isolate new strains from different matrixes: breast milk, infant stool, and vagina.

After complete identification, characterization and in-vitro screening of anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory and enzymatic properties, we have launched the SynBalance® line of property strains in 2008, focusing on high-quality standard and detailed efficacy dossiers.

So far, ROELMI HPC counts 16 property strains belonging to Lactobacilli, Bifidobacteria and Streptococci specie.

With a strong basis on bio-fermentation, ROELMI HPC discovered how to protect probiotics and make them more suitable for food application by microencapsulation technology, in order to preserve them during product preparation and administration (ProbiSHELL Line). A line of heat-inactivated strains (SynbiOFF Line) completes the portfolio.

Today ROELMI HPC actively participates in the design and realization of reliable and innovative products based on SynBalance® probiotics. Thanks to the internal R&D and formulation laboratories complying with the strictest manufacturing conditions, as well as the collaboration with the most experienced CMOs, we can guide our customers towards the most appealing pharmaceutical form, the best ingredients association, together with highest stability standards.

ROELMI HPC is a proud member of various organizations and is always looking for the best collaborations able to enhance its knowledge. Sharing is the best way to improve our business and drive innovation in the market.

R&D department is always keeping an eye on the latest market trends, looking for differentiation and cause-effect studies on short and medium-term projects. The so-called “blue-sky” approach is wider and can translate and anticipate people’s needs: it is applied to the long-term developments and is focused on innovation within the biotechnology domain. Intending to fulfil all the customer need, we have developed our “Table of Life” concepts, characterized by multi-strain probiotic complexes always focusing on strain specificity and clinically proven solutions.

After all this work and efforts, SynBalance® family can not be homeless!

So, for that, we built up a complete website dedicated to SynBalance® brands and activities.

The website aims to explore the identity card of SynBalance® ingredients, starting from its fatherhood with a part dedicated to the company ROELMI HPC and its way of working.

The NIP® program providing Safety for Nature and People and Innovation and efficacy is here a founding part able to enhance ingredients performing and with a strong sustainable footprint.

The website spread up our business model winking at the most important final result: the applications of our ingredients.

In the proper section, the user will be able to find at a glance all the declinations of our SynBalance® ingredients: from the gastro-intestinal use to the immunity profile coming to the gut skin-axis and even sports performances. We cannot miss any aspect of our consumers’ lives. Do not miss the chance and take a tour of this new land!

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