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- 11/09/2021


AgroFOOD Industry Hi Tech


Roelmi HPC, with its internationally recognized expertise in nutraceuticals and cosmetics, is the inventor of HA Tech 2.0® and ExceptionHYAL® hyaluronans. Based on a complete spectrum of polymers molecular weights, developed for targeted applications, Roelmi HPC’s 2nd generation hyaluronans are obtained through a finely modulated bio-fermentation process. The specific hyaluronan fingerprint in ExceptionHYAL® Star leads to a full spectrum of efficacy, overcoming the limits of traditional hyaluronans: it perfectly mimics skin biological processes and needs, granting a higher level of bioavailability and efficacy.


Standard hyaluronans are used in supplements for skin health and beauty, sometimes with the lack of solid scientific or clinical background, due to the low bioavailability of these molecules. ExceptionHYAL® Star efficacy profile, on the other side, lays on a different technology which naturally boosters the physiologic regeneration of endogenous HA in the body. Moreover, ExceptionHYAL® portfolio is backed by reliable and independent clinical trials, published in scientific magazines, reporting biological performances such as quick positive results and their long-lasting persistence.


By encouraging the regeneration of HA physiological production, ExceptionHYAL® Star grants quick, effective and long-lasting beauty from within positive results. Both mature and younger skins can benefit from it: tone, elasticity and hydration are strongly enhanced, while wrinkles are definitely reduced/suppressed. Overtaking other nutricosmetics on the market, ExceptionHYAL® Star rejuvenating effect is quick and visible already after 14 days only, with significantly less marked (-17.6%) and deep (-18.8%) wrinkles. Further, it effectively improves healthy skin parameters, providing significant hydration (+10.6%), tone (+5.1%) and elasticity. It does not only prevent and support skin ageing, but can also help in case of dryer and sensitive skins due to sun/cold exposure.


The unique mechanism of action promoted by the complete spectrum of HA molecular weights in ExceptionHYAL® Star allows delivering a wider skin-specific biochemical effect, which is responsible for the strongest clinical evidences among nutricosmetics for skin anti-aging. Its capacity to widely promote natural physiologic processes, instead of acting limitedly on skin biology as per standard hyaluronan, has not only multifaceted skin health benefits, but allows also the persistency of positive results also after the end of product intake, and makes it sustainable for consumer health.


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