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- 07/18/2022

ROELMI – NIP®: The New Nature of sustainability

HPC Today

The redesign process involving the web presence of ROELMI HPC now renews its sustainable tools and, with its NIP®website redesign, once again amazes with foresight and sustainability-oriented innovations in its sector. The new webpage empowers the concept of nature, approaching the audience with the new distinctive logo and motto for our philosophy.

The new paradigm, “Nature is people“, becomes the renewed foundation for our business activities, inspired by our sustainable-based model for innovation.

The new NIP® website embodies the values of the real essence of sustainability fine-tuning by our business reality, where Nature, Innovation, and People are the pillars guiding the discovery of the sustainability gem of innovation.

A choice dictated by the desire to also move in the evolution towards digital transformation, which took place in the company and in the market, through a new, evocative brand projected towards the future.

This is not a revolution but an evolution of the brand. The new graphic element brings with it the current trends in visual design, which focus on simplification in all areas of visual communication. The brand, whose essence has always been linked to the concept of “safety” and “transparency”, evolves into a look renewed and modern, which communicates “inclusion”, “trust”, and “commitment”, values ​​reflected both in the relationship with customers and between the entrepreneurial realities of the Group.

The motto and logo change, but values, people, and dedication remain the same. The new NIP® brand communicates the vision of innovation as the beating heart of growth in hyper-connected and high-speed markets evolution, and reflects a reality that has achieved constant, solid, and sustainable development through the rising path of a sustainable future.