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- 08/25/2023

Say HELLO to LUXURIACT, the revolutionary pourable taurate from Innospec.

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Luxuriact is the Innospec revolutionary pourable taurate surfactant, for Beauty and Personal Care. It is ideal for a broad range of applications: hand washes, body washes, shampoos, facial cleansers, both in liquid and solid formats. In line with the market trends, this premium solution has been developed to meet the need for mild, effective, and easy to use ingredients. Its key characteristics are incredibly innovative to be all included in a unique ingredient.

Sustainable and Mild: salt-free, sulfate-free and 80% naturally derived. It’s EU Ecolabel compliant and available as MB version.

Luxurious: premium product, provides rich, creamy foam when formulated.

Revolutionary: Luxuriact is a cold processable material which allows for the reduction of processing time during scale-up manufacture, as it’s not as thick and viscous as a standard taurate. When formulated, it creates mild and innovative products.

Flexible and easy to use: this pourable taurate offers a wide range of pH when formulating.


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