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- 06/17/2019

Seqens: a cross functional knowledge in Specialty Ingredients

Chimica Oggi-Chemistry Today

SEQENS offers a wide continuum of technologies coveringsmall-scale to large-scale chemical synthesis and distillation including distinctive reactions such as Friedel-Crafts, Grignard, cryogenic reactions, polymerization, biocatalysis or low-metal capabilities.


This industrial network is supported by focused R&D capabilities.

This unique continuum of technologies allows SEQENS to manufacture the most complex molecules, offering both custom manufacturing and catalog products.

SEQENS offers also high purity oxygenated solvents leveraging its back-integration and a large range of Minerals Specialties products.


Seqens works in areas of particular expertise. First, electronics with our products and services offering focusing on specialty chemicals & polymers for semiconductor lithography and organic electronics leveraging our high purity level and low metal content capabilities. We have also a strong presence in lubricant additives with additives and packages for industrial lubricants, protection and metalworking.


Meet the Seqens’ teams on booth 90E to discover our CDMO, Advanced Specialties and Custom Specialties offers.

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