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- 10/02/2018

Sinerga celebrating 40 years of success

H&PC Today

On September 15-16, Sinerga celebrated its 40th Anniversary with a remarkable event located in the wonderful scenario of the Tigullio Gulf in Liguria.

Many people, colleagues, customers, press representatives, scientists, gathered to the venue taking their homage to a Company which represents a very peculiar case history in the cosmetics business worldwide.

Sinerga was born in 1978 thanks to the vision of Marina Lenzini, scientist. In a few years Sinerga has managed to develop an outstanding reputation in the cosmetics and derma-pharmaceuticals outsourcing and in the production and supply of raw materials, both for the Italian (at first) and the international market (later). But Sinerga means also Research, Teaching and Training: in one word: Culture.

Thanks to the remarkable collaboration with Gianni Proserpio – his books are still a reference for the Universities and researchers, Sinerga has become a model of enlightened entrepreneurship for the sector.A milestone in the history of the Company: in 1999 Sinerga is included by the Italian Ministry of University and Scientific and Technological Research, in the official exclusive register of a restricted number of labs acknowledged for their professionalism. In 2009 Alessandro and Marco Fontana, sons of Marina Lenzini, became Managing Directors of Sinerga. The Company has been developing in the years a strong action in the global market with offices and labs in Europe, Asia, USA (Manhattan).

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