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- 10/31/2023


AgroFOOD Industry Hi Tech

SynBalance, the biotics-oriented company, focused on delivering highly scientifically evidenced probiotic solutions, is proud to present THE ART OF WELL-BEING capsule collection

The launch is an exploring journey in the world of art painting through company’s well-established knowledge in the nutraceutical market.

Inspired by the endless power of art and reinvented with a connective link with health, the collection captures the uniqueness of each human being by offering a comprehensive support for different targets i.e. women health, gut-skin axis, mental health, cardiovascular prevention and immunity modulation.

Launching globally, the collection includes nine ready-to-go dietary supplements prototypes based on SynbÆctive® probiotic ingredients, associated with some of the most-know paintings in the world, from Degas to Klimt, passing through Van Gogh, without forgetting Vermeer and many others.

The aim of the capsule collection is to satisfy customers with specific solution able to increase the competitiveness, while reducing time-to-market by high-quality, stable and efficient formulations. No desire to replace the manufacturers of finished products but rather to join the re-evolution of the microbiota market.

The capsule, which stands out for its different shades and approaches to health, has been created exclusively from selected clinically tested probiotics ingredients responding to the most demanding needs of the nutraceutical market.

  • FlorElle, woman health
  • Skin Radiance, gut-skin axis
  • Beautiful Mind, gut-brain axis
  • Metabholistic, cardiometabolic health
  • AllerBoom, seasonal allergies
  • Master&Pro and Senior&Pro, immunity
  • YouGut! And KidBiome, gastrointestinal health

Formulations are characterized by a full dossier on stability, compatibility and they can a good starting point for scientist to elevate their creativity, as a painter of the new millennium, working on a blank canvas.

Eleonora Santus, Product Manager, said “We invite our customers to immerse themselves in an iconic journey, giving freedom to a whirlwind of feelings, evolving the craft of dietary supplements and capturing the essence of health”.