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- 05/17/2024

SynBalance Srl Wins Two NutraIngredients Awards

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SynBalance Srl is pleased to announce that it has won two NutraIngredients Awards at the ceremony held on May 15, 2024, in Geneva. The company won Ingredient of the Year in the Microbiome Modulation category for its product, SynbÆctive® Femme, and SynbÆctive® ProBeautyShield won Ingredient of the Year in the Beauty from Within category.

“We are honoured to receive these awards from such a prestigious organization,” said Cristiana Piangiolino, Managing Director at SynBalance Srl. “These awards are a demonstration to our commitment to developing innovative and science-backed probiotic ingredients.”

The NutraIngredients Awards are recognized as one of the leading award programs in the nutraceutical industry. A panel of independent experts who evaluate products based on innovation, science, and market potential judges the awards.

SynbÆctive® Femme

The judges said that SynbÆctive® Femme won the Ingredient of the Year award in the Microbiome Modulation category because of its clear and precise market positioning and its continuous, ongoing drive to enhance the body of scientific evidence supporting the product’s claims.

SynbÆctive® ProBeautyShield

The judges awarded SynbÆctive® ProBeautyShield the Ingredient of the Year award in the Beauty from Within category for being a well-presented case that scored highly against all judging criteria. The judges highlighted the interesting combination of three strains of bacteria with anti-aging and anti-inflammatory effects. They were impressed by the fact that it is backed by three clinical trials published in excellent journals, to back its anti-acne and anti-inflammatory effects and describing the mechanism of action. The judges also acknowledged that the product has a strong relevance to the market with clear consumer demand and strong commercial success.