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- 11/17/2023


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The market for gummy supplements is booming! But despite this growing demand, manufacturers have found it challenging to deliver a desirable texture using an efficient, starch-free process. Until now, that is. At GELITA, we have developed CONFIXX® – a gelatin that can be processed starch-free yet still gives gummies their anticipated chewy texture. By being fast-setting, it saves time and ultimately makes the entire production process more efficient.

Vitamins and minerals take top slot

North America currently leads the fortified gummy market, but Europe is hot on its heels. While vitamins and minerals are the largest subcategory globally botanical and herbal supplements are the second largest subcategory in North America. In Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America and the Middle East/North Africa region, supplements for hair, skin and nails take the number two spot behind vitamins and minerals, pushing botanical and herbal supplements into third place.

For difficult-to-process and heat-sensitive ingredients, CONFIXX® is the solution

Manufacturers can use CONFIXX® for all the above subcategories, as it is highly flexible in terms of formulation and product concepts. Even heat-sensitive inclusions such as vitamin C are easy to incorporate, as the ingredient can be added to the gummy mass after the cooking step. In addition to gelling, the stabilizing and emulsifying properties of CONFIXX® make it suitable for oil-based ingredients such as fish or CBD oil. This allows manufacturers to avoid the use of stabilizers and emulsifiers, thus saving resources and simplifying the ingredients list.

Next generation of fortified gummies

With CONFIXX®, consumers get exactly what they expect from their gummies: a satisfyingly chewy, jelly-like texture and unparalleled bite that only gelatin can provide. Switching from starch-based to starch-free production with CONFIXX® can significantly increase manufacturing efficiency, reducing production time from two days to just a few hours. In this way, CONFIXX® enables the hygienic production of fortified gummies and eliminates the risk of cross-contamination by allowing for the separation of batches with different active ingredients. So manufacturers now no longer have to choose between efficiency and indulgence, because CONFIXX® brings the best of both worlds, making it easier to tap into this ever-growing market.


Wondering how to migrate CONFIXX® into your existing product portfolio? Or are you starting afresh in the market? Our experts can help you develop the next generation of gummy supplements and make them a commercial success. Get in touch today to find out more.