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- 09/05/2019

The stretching program to restore the skin’s firmness and resilience

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COHELISS® is a firming and radiance booster natural active ingredient, specifically developed by SILAB to stimulate the mechanical and biological functions of the skin cells in response to mechanical stress. With age, the skin becomes slack and loses its radiance. Pioneer in the field of mechanobiology, SILAB already highlighted the active role of the dermis in regulating the skin’s natural elastic properties. The research teams thus developed COHELISS®, a natural active ingredient capable of maintaining skin firmness. However the role of mechanobiology in the skin is not limited to the dermis. Indeed, recent studies have linked the mechanical properties of the dermal extracellular matrix with the mechanobiology of keratinocytes. In 2019, SILAB demonstrates the benefits of epidermal mechanobiology on complexion radiance and brings additional efficacy data to its active ingredient. In vitro, COHELISS® boosts the activation of YAP and TAZ proteins, the key mediators involved in the mechanical continuity between the dermis and the epidermis. It thus activates epidermal renewal.  


In parallel with its firming, smoothing and anti-wrinkles actions previously demonstrated, COHELISS® also acts on the cutaneous microrelief and complexion radiance of volunteers as highlighted by the new in vivo tests. Indeed, smoothing of the microrelief is observed after 28 days of application, with a decrease of roughness parameter Sa (-9.6%, P < 0.05) and Sq (-10.8%, P < 0.05). In addition, after 28 days of treatment, COHELISS® significantly increases the reflection of the skin (+12.2%, P < 0.01) and the healthy-glow effect  +12.5%, P < 0.05), while at the same time reducing the state of eye fatigue (-12.0%, P < 0.05). By acting on the various participants of mechanobiology, COHELISS® increases skin firmness, attenuates wrinkles and improves skin radiance. The face is more relaxed and less severe, expression wrinkles are less visible and forehead wrinkles are smoothed.


SILAB got inspired by the robustness of the rye to develop this active ingredient targeting the skin’s ability to adapt to its mechanical environment. With the use of a specific industrial process, including an enzymatic hydrolysis step, the company extracted and purified arabinoxylans contained in its seeds, molecules involved in the cohesion and mechanical resistance in the plant world. SILAB chose for its supply of rye a family-run flour mill in a French low mountains country. This organic certified local supply chain guarantees the traceability of the raw material and ensures that rye seeds are processed without solvents or chemicals to protect their quality. A patented active ingredient (INCI name: Secale cereale Seed Extract), easy to formulate and compliant with international cosmetic regulations (Europe, United States, Japan and  China),  COHELISS® is available in aqueous solution (recommended amount: 1 to 4%) and in preservativefree powder (recommended amount: 0.05 to 1%).

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