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11th CFRT for Industrial Applications Symposium

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On October 21-23 the 11th CFRT for Industrial Applications Symposium took place in Glasgow at the The Technology & Innovation Centre (TIC) - University of Strathclyde.


On the first day a training course was led by Assoc. Prof. DI Dr. Heidrun Gruber-Woelfler of Graz University of Technology and looked at the theory of synthesis in Flow and at an introduction to work-up, crystallisation and filtration processes.
The second part of the training course was led by Dr Thomas McGlone Technical Operations Manager at CMAC National Facility.
Attendees had at their disposal 4 different stations with 4 different DEMOS and gained insights of an end to end continuous process. 3 stations focused on different synthesis reactions performed by Chemtrix/Mettler Toledo, Corning/Zaiput Flow Technologies, Ehrfeld.
A fourth station featured a model compound run through 4-unit operations – synthesis, work-up, crys ... ...

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