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4th Symposium on Continuous Flow Reactor Technology for Industrial Applications


Chimica Oggi – Chemistry Today / TKS Publisher

Chimica Oggi - Chemistry Today, together with its partner Corning SAS, organized the 4th symposium on “Continuous Flow Reactor Technology for Industrial Applications” on 26-27 September 2012 at Lisbon, Portugal, reaching an international recognized role in the flow chemistry networking. More space was given to case studies, vendor communications, downstream processing and discussions related to the technical and economic future of flow chemistry. Three contemporary workshops were arranged in order to give an overview of the current / future situation and help attendees understand what a company really needs to start working with continuous.
Below a summary of the lectures, vendor communications and workshops.


David Ager -DSM Innovative Synthesis
Keep it coming: sustainable advantages?
The use of flow reactions continues to grow in the life science arena. In addition to improved safety through better control of exothermic reactions and the minimization of hazardous material inventory, there can be other advantages. Removal of a product from the reaction medium can improve stoichiometry, for ex ...