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A guide to being true leaders Leadership, planning work well, focusing on objectives, but also the ability to communicate and manage emotions: here are the golden rules (and mistakes to avoid) for being true leaders.


Paola Arosio
Freelance journalist


In a modern chemical company it’s important to have an effective leader driving employees to strive to perform well in their jobs. Here a small guide for managers to develop leadership skills.

There once were industry pioneers like Albert Boehringer, who created a family-run chemical company in Ingelheim, Germany, by hiring a bunch of people to make tartaric acid and its salts. Or Charles Pfizer, who started a small chemical company in Brooklyn in 1849 with his cousin, a confectioner. They had the brilliant idea of making and marketing the bitter santonin by blending it with a sweet almond-caramel confection to make it palatable.
Or, again, Friedrich Bayer, who founded a dye factory and transformed it into a chemical company that rapidly became famous worldwide, especially for making acetylsalicylic acid. 

These companies (and many other) have grown into huge multinational enterprises that lead the chemical industry today, the result of continuous hard work, endurance and an entrepreneurial forward-looking approach. 

What are the key factors that make a modern chemical company successful today? Basically, they are the same that apply to other sectors, though some are specific for the chemical business. "The employees of a chemical company are a key resource, much more than in any other industry", explains Rolan ... ...

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