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Evonik – A new long lasting bouquet


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Where is the scent?
A freshly changed bedding and no fresh fragrance coming from it?
Taking the bedding out of the linen cupboard and get it shifted we love to smell a nice and fresh flavor coming from it.
What if there is no?
What if it has gone already?

A new and long lasting bouquet can be achieved on the bedding and of course on any other clothing by using the new REWOCARE GSM 42 in fabric conditioners. The fresh scent is especially clear a few days after the linen has been washed and it stays there – only dying away very slowly – perceivable for a long time.
REWOCARE GSM 42 is a newly developed silicone derivative that enables fabric conditioner formulations with optimized performance in freshness and also in softening performance.
Only small amounts of this microemulsion are e ... ...


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