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A Non-resonant microwave applicator fully dedicated to continuous flow chemistry

*Corresponding author
Uppsala University, Organic Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Department of Medicinal Chemistry, Uppsala Biomedical Centre, P. O. Box 574,Uppsala, SE-751 23, Sweden


The concept of a non-resonant microwave applicator designed for continuous flow chemistry was introduced by our group this year. With a power output of 0 – 150 W, adjustable frequency range of 2.4 – 2.5 GHz and five IR sensors monitoring the temperature along a tubular borosilicate reactor, the instrument ensures fast, efficient and uniform heating. A variety of organic reactions were optimized for continuous flow chemistry using a 200 mm × O 3 mm reactor, which proved the instrument to be an unprecedented tool for fast method optimization. A scale-out study is now reported where reactions already optimized in a O 3 mm reactor are run in a O 6 mm reactor, aiming for a fourfold increase in chemical throughput with no or little need for re-optimization.