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A word on sustainability with Icilio Adami, Desmet Ballestra SpA



“Sustainability”, in your opinion what does this term means today? In your opinion, today sustainability is more a claim or a commitment for companies?
The meaning of “sustainability” that looks the most appropriate from our personal and Company viewpoint is “to ensure continuity with the full respect and total compliance with the natural rules”. This means to address all the efforts in developing and improving a product or a process in a way that takes into consideration a range of factors (and facts) definitely wider and deeper than those adopted to reach the present status of the specific technology. In other words the concept of “sustainability” is the key to get a true improvement and enlargement of the capability to manufacture what the market requires and at the same time to minimize the side-effects associated to the whole process. As a provider of technology for the surfactant and detergent industry, our Company must evaluate the frame of the applicability of the concept of “making sustainable” a process , being this latter a cluster of factors of very different origin ( i.e: raw materials source , product quality specificati ...

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