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A word with Fabio Rossello, the new President of UNIPRO


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Fabio Rossello was elected on June 28th 2011 as the new President of the Italian Association of Cosmetic Industries UNIPRO. Rossello took over the presidency from Fabio Franchina who left after six years. Fabio Rossello is C.E.O. of Schiapparelli SpA, Owner and Managing Director of Paglieri SpA and Managing Director of Paglieri Immobiliare SpA. The fi rst challenge for Fabio Rossello will be guiding the Italian cosmetic industry through the troubled waters of the current economic crisis. To this regard, it is worth considering that despite the crisis the Italian cosmetic industry has been able to ac hieve a vigorous growth in 2010, which is continuing in 2011, even if preliminary data evidenced that some sectors are slowing down due to the lower internal demand. On the other side, exports of Italian cosmetic products are signifi cantly increasing and forecasts indicate that also the internal demand is going to grow until end of year. Finally, if we look at innovation and research, Italian cosmetic industry confi rms to be the most dynamic sector of the Italian industrial panorama, defi nitively outranging all other sectors in terms of investments.
Within this exciting context ...