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Advances in nanotechnologies
How they are creating better foods

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Advances in nanoscale science and technologies offer opportunities to help solve some of the food andnutrition related problems the world faces. It can help make food production more sustainable and provide new proteinrich products to the ever increasing world population. It will help people stay healthier in a preventive healthcare way oflife. Opportunities will be created for food products that address certain food related health problems like obesity. Withmicro and nanotechnologies new devices will be developed that help to quickly assess the quality and safety of foodproducts. New packaging concepts will offer longer shelf life of fresh products and convenience to consumers. But is it safeto use manmade nanostructured materials in food? Although not everything is yet known, it appears that health riskspredominantly are associated with certain persistent nanoparticles. So far these are rarely used in food products. But still theconsumer remains hesitant to accept nanotechnologies in food. Reliable communication about both the benefits and therisks can help to make informed choices and to build trust in the applications of nanotechnologies in food.


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