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When Arctic nature becomes the best treatment for your nutrition: Seaweed & Metabolic Syndrome


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Metabolic Syndrome
has become popular in the late 70s, but the first evidences date back to 1920’s. Central obesity, dislypidemia, insulin resistance and high blood pressure are the diagnostic markers of this spreading disease. Individuals with MetSyn have a number of increased risk factors, (CVD mortality, risk of developing type 2 diabetes, etc.). Management of MetSyn means to start lifestyle interventions that address principally central obesity and insulin resistance. Weight loss interventions, based on caloric restriction, increased physical activity and behaviour modification have been recommended by many Health Care organizations, both at national and global level.
The first step is the nutrition, a determinant of human health. The prevalence of MetSyn in Western countries is 20-30% (1), while in Eastern countries, is c ...