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An overview of sunscreen regulations in the world



Senior Consultant, Neovita, Uboldo, VA,

Among cosmetics, the category of sunscreens is certainly a fascinating one for a cosmetologist (the sort of expert that supposedly has knowledge of chemistry, toxicology, dermatology, rheology, and even marketing, etc.). The development of sunscreens brings along many technical and toxicological issues, which stem from the requirement of having contrasting ingredients for opposite needs in the same formula. Good spreadability is in contrast with water resistance, and the proper level of filters is in contrast with the quality of the texture and solvents needed for product stability.

Once a potential solution is found for these issues, the development process of a new product is usually further complicated by marketing and regulatory issues. Many useful and practical - and in fact safe - ingredients cannot be used due to a bad reputation they have in web-based blogs and forums or simply because there has been scare monge ... ...