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Analysis of food allergens

*Corresponding author
1. Eurofins CTC, Am Neuländer Gewerbepark 1 Hamburg, D-21079, Germany
2. Eurofins Scientific Group, 69a Kilnwick Road Pocklington, Yorkshire, YO42 2JY, United Kingdom


The detection of food allergens is possible by targeting the proteins of the allergenic product (ELISA, LFD, MS) or theirmarker DNA (PCR, real time-PCR, LPA). These assays are tools available to comply and enforce existing food allergen labellingregulations. Current assays are, to a large extend, neither standardized nor validated, and obtaining the correct value greatlydepends on the type and complexity of food samples. This article describes the current regulatory framework and the analyticaloptions for food allergens, including their benefits and limitations


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