Are agile supply chain management and blockchain beneficial to industry and patients? Focus group with healthcare and pharmaceutical professionals. Part 2


Independent Researcher, Zug, Switzerland


Healthcare and pharmaceutical companies daily deal with a variety of corporative use cases with downstream impacts on patients that also have upstream effects on performance and innovation. There is an unmet need in this industry for supply chain management, as it is only recently emerging. Pilot projects are already underway, and some have already been adopted by some companies.
By using a focus group method with industry professionals and subject matter experts, this paper will examine whether blockchain and agile supply chains can contribute to healthcare and pharmaceutical innovation.
In this study, data collected and analyzed was used to evaluate the degree to which industry leaders and professionals are aware of blockchain and its role in supporting and generating innovation in agile supply chains.
Using network analysis to uncover respondents’ relationships and connections, we can determine how blockchain and agile supply chain management are interconnected.

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