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Artificial intelligence and dietary supplements: from product formulation to consumer personalization


Monteloeder SL, Elche, Spain


The Fourth Industrial Revolution is disrupting the industry at a global scale. It implies not only adding digital technology to current processes, but to truly change our traditional way of thinking. Certain industries, mainly those that are generally more tech-driven, have readily implemented digitalization and is now a vital part of their activities. However, food and nutrition sectors are falling behind, and at the speed the revolution is going, this could affect the industry as a whole. The objective of this review is to assess what are the possibilities digitalization can provide to the food and nutrition sectors, with a focus on product development and personalized solutions for the consumers. 


We are currently going through the Fourth Industrial Revolution, where digitalization is posed to disrupt every aspect of the industry (1). We have almost limitless access to information at instant speed and at the palm of our hands; the cell phone. This tool has become an extension of our selves, so much that mobile technology is changing how we shop, enjoy our leisure time, travel, work and more. The speed which technology advances is unprecedented, and is causing the Fourth Industrial Revolution to disrupt all industries at an exponential rate. 

No sector can escape the digital revolution, and if one word could best describe it, this would be speed. Artificial intelligence, robotics, internet of things, nanotechnology, biotechnology, 5th generation wireless technology (5G) and more is advancing at an alarming rate. Changes are occurring faster than ever before; so fast that certain sectors are falling behind. This is the case of the food, nutrition and dietary supplement sectors, as opposed to the banking, automobile and transportation sectors which have hugged the revolution and are al ...

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