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Avecia and Nitto Denko – Providing support for the future of oligonucleotides



April 1st 2012 marked the moment of change when Avecia Biotechnology Inc., a leader in oligonucleotide contract manufacturing, became NITTO DENKO Avecia Inc. Avecia and Nitto Denko share a commitment to the future of the oligonucleotide market; they provide both products and services designed to facilitate the evolution of oligonucleotide technologies, and offer a dependable resource as oligo therapeutics progress from pre-clinical and clinical phases through to commercial launch and supply.
One year after the acquisition of Avecia by Nitto Denko, the contract manufacturing organization (CMO) has continued to use its core competencies in oligo development and manufacture, along with Nitto Denko’s guiding principles of brilliant technology and flexible solutions, to maintain its status as a leader in the industry. With the support of its parent company, Avecia has spent 2011 undertaking key internal projects. These include rigorous assessment of its quality systems and alignment to regulatory best prac ...

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