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Avecia OligoMedicines site tour
Key unit operations and expansion plans


1. Chimica Oggi/Chemistry Today
2. Pharma Division Giuliani S.p.A., Project Manager, Milano, Italy

Avecia Biotechnology Inc., Milford, MA is a worldleading Contract Manufacturing Organization (CMO)solely focused on the development and manufactureof oligonucleotides for therapeutic applications.Avecia has manufactured at scale over 1000 sequencesand has expertise in DNA, siRNA, Aptamers, Chimerasand Molecular Decoys. Its FDA-registered facility,located in Milford, MA manufactures oligonucleotideActive Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) and Intermediatesmeeting the international requirements of ICH Q7A.The most recent FDA Inspection of its Milford facilityin November 2008 raised no observations or pointsof discussion, thus signifying compliance with allappropriate standards and regulations.

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