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BASF Care Creations – Skin care trends and solutions inspired by the real life


We live, this is evident for all, a complex period of transition in which the dominant sociological models are reshaping and where new cultural and behavioural trends are developed. In this context, the care of the person and all what this concept entails, becomes an increasingly important pivotal point in our daily lives.
As a consequence the role of those companies that provide the ingredients for final producers and the solutions to new emerging issues becomes increasingly important. We asked Laura Savoldi, Marketing Analyst of BASF Personal Care Care Creations how society responds to this issue.

What are the current key drivers of the skin-care market?
The skin-care market is currently driven by a variety of social aspects. Consumers have very wide-ranging needs, depending on their lifestyle and attitudes. Demographic change, for instance, is one of the key drivers that is boosting demand for anti-aging products, but also individualization, the emergence of multi-cultural societies and the economic crisis have led to the creation of some very specific product categories. The growing awareness of health, safety and sustainabil ...