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Beauty and biodiversity:
Trends and issues for 2017


Rik Kutsch Lojenga1, María Julia Oliva2
1. Union for Ethical BioTrade (UEBT), De Ruyterkade 6, 1013 AA Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2. Union for Ethical BioTrade (UEBT), De Ruyterkade 6, 1013 AA Amsterdam, The Netherlands


The issue of biodiversity is gaining increasing traction among companies in personal care, cosmetics and home care, and is poised to take center stage in their 2017 sustainability agenda. Key market trends to consider this year include the critical role of biodiversity as a source of innovation, growing biodiversity awareness among consumers and companies moving to address biodiversity in their corporate strategies and communication.
All these developments reveal a tipping point, where biodiversity will quickly become a mainstream consideration among companies working with natural ingredients.


“Bio… what?” The term “biodiversity” can be a mouthful, but the beauty and importance of the variety of life is easily – even intuitively – understood. In a year beginning with some uncertainty and continuing concern for climate, oceans and forests, biodiversity not only integrates different topics and actors – it provides an opportunity for governments, businesses and consumers to make a positive difference, together. 2017 may just mark a tipping point, as biodiversity takes center stage in the sustainability agenda, particularly among companies in the cosmetics sector. Here is a brief look at trends and issues to look out for.



Nature has long been a source of inspiration, innovation and knowledge for developing natural ingredients – and this trend is only becoming more and more relevant. Last year, the most noteworthy innovations at the “in-cosmetics” fair primarily involved ingredients derived from plants and algae. These innovations included an extract of wild indigo that improves skin tone, natural beads made from ...

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