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BEHIND THE LABEL – What is it?

Frenchtop Natural Care Products – Hairwonder Everyday Shampoo
This is an Ecocert certified shampoo suitable for everyday use.
It is claimed to contain 99.35% ingredients of natural origin, 5.75% of which are from organic farming.
The formula is patented (EP1675562) and claims to “add shine, condition and vitality”.
It is common practice in the natural arena to indicate ingredients of organic origin with an asterisk.
In this case an asterisk is used for ingredients coming from organic farming, whilst two asterisks are used for those ingredients that are made using organic raw materials (e.g. glycerin).
Natural derived surfactants play a major role here.

Well known Decyl Glucoside is in second position on the Ingredient list, showing that a fairly large amount may have been used.
Sodium Cocoyl Glutamate is another mild surfactant derived from amino-acid Glutamic Acid, showing good cleansing and foaming properties.
Sodium Cocoglucoside Tartrate is probably one of the most efficacious natural-derived anionic surfactants with good foaming and cleansing properties.
It is extremely mild and ...