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Benedetta Boni – Head of Communication and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) – Cosmetica Italia

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Benedetta, can you briefly introduce Cosmetica Italia and its objectives to our readers?

To put it in a nutshell, we could say that Cosmetica Italia is the voice of the national cosmetic industry. Since 1967, the association has achieved a leading position in the global cosmetics scenario, thereby showcasing the peculiarities of its over 540 member companies and supporting their interests. Over the years, we have strived to constantly communicate with the authorities, actively support the design and enforcement of European community and national regulations, provide technical and regulatory support to members and guide them in an internationalisation process that enables to target foreign markets better. Our members include SMEs, multinationals, companies with their own brands, contract manufacturers – indeed a large variety of businesses, which make Cosmetica Italia a heterogeneous and rich reality. Each of our member companies is a case history in ... ...

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