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Beverage trends in 2012 and beyond


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Global supermarket sales of food/beverage products are projected to reach $1.74 trillion by 2015; foodservice sales $2.2 trillion. In the U.S., five of the top ten fastest growing consumer food product categories are beverages. Weight control/nutrition beverages, energy drinks, sports beverages, wine, ready-to-drink coffee/tea and spirits/liquors were among the top 10 fastest growing food product categories. Calcium, antioxidants, and vitamins/minerals, omega-3s, fibre, green tea extract, and probiotics are among the ingredients most sought out in functional beverages. Immunity, digestive health, complete day’s nutrient requirement, lowering cholesterol, and providing energy are the most desired health benefits for functional beverages. New and emerging beverage trends, product opportunities, and ingredients are discussed.


The opportunities for innovative global beverage marketers are unprecedented. After several years of disappointing sales mirroring the economic downturn, beverages appear to be back in business.
And what an opportunity it will be. Global supermarket sales of food and beverage products are projected to reach $1.74 trillion by 2015; foodservice sales $2.2 trillion (1). Global functional foods/beverages sales are projected to top $130 billion by 2015, diet foods/drinks $200 billion and ingestible nutricosmetics $4.2 billion.
Moreover, sales in the global kids’ food/beverage sector is projected to top $89 billion by 2015. Snacks, a fast emerging new platform for drinks, is projected to be $334 billion by 2015, with hot beverages and tea $69 billion, and infant foods/drinks $23 billion (1).

As of end of 2011, five of the top ten fastest growing consumer packaged food product categories in the U.S. - across supermarkets, drug stores, mass merchandisers, e.g., Wal-Mart, and convenience stores - were beverages (2).
Weight control/nutrition beverages in liq ...

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