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OPUNTIA POLYSACCHARIDES for skin moisturizing and repair


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To survive in dry climate, the Opuntia ficus indica plant uses its “leaves” (cladodes) to save water. Under the prickly surface, cladodes contains a juicy and tender gel full of mucilages and polysaccharides that bind and preserve water molecules. In the southern Italy, the farmers working in the fields know very well the properties of this natural gel and they are used to putting Opuntia cladodes on to moisturize and protect skin and wounds.

OPUNTIA BIOCOMPLEX SH is a powder extract obtained from the juice of Opuntia cladodes, containing the natural blend of mucilages and fibers. When topically applied, it produces a physical barrier on the skin, protects against environmental stress factors, deeply moisturizes skin and promotes cutaneous reparative processes.

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