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Brilliant ethnic beauty

Eckart GmbH
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Ethnic cosmetic products are designed toprovide solutions for the specific requirements of ethnic skin,which are commonly known as being: hyper pigmentationwith resulting uneven skin tones, dry skin leading to skinashiness and excessive skin oiliness. On the path of findingcosmetic raw materials that are suitable to counteractthese phenomena, also pigments can be considered. Buthow can especially effect pigments contribute to satisfy theneeds of ethnic skin? Light reflecting pigments such aspearlescent pigments can be used to diminish some of themajor concerns of ethnic skin through their characteristicproperties which will be explained in detail. By applyingthese considerations to formulation technology, someexemplary ethnic skin care and colour cosmetic formulaswill be discussed and it will be described how to achievemaximum effects in care emulsions and ethnic colourcosmetics products like lipstick and lip glosses, eye shadowsand face make-up.


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