Building and managing a resilient supply chain


Vice President – Global SCM for Piramal Pharma Solutions (PPS)

In the dynamic and challenging business environment we face today, it’s imperative to have a well-constructed process for evaluating and mitigating risk in the supply chain. Foremost in the process is market intelligence, with continuous monitoring and analysis of market conditions for critical raw materials. That knowledge enables timely decisions to ensure appropriate forward coverage and realign the safety stock level of critical materials.


The market for pharmaceutical raw materials has undergone significant change since the early years of the 21st century. China emerged as the dominant player in the pharmaceutical intermediates and chemicals market; in time, the combination of low manufacturing costs, government support, and other factors led to almost the entire pharmaceutical industry becoming dependent on China for raw materials. The downside of dependency became clear in 2018 when the Chinese government imposed stricter rules on the sector, forcing companies to quickly adapt to the changing situation. This experience showed the value of proactive supply chain management. Companies that quickly recognized and mitigated the threat emerged from the ...