Catalytic carbon dioxide conversions to value-added chemicals

*Corresponding author
The University of Sheffi eld, Department of Chemical & Biological Engineering,Sir Robert Hadfi eld Building, Sheffi eld, S1 3JD, United Kingdom


There is considerable interest in carbon capture andstorage (CCS) as a means of reducing emissions from powerstations and heavy industry. However, for each molecule ofcarbon dioxide stored that is one carbon atom lost from thechemical economy. In this article, examples of how carboncapture and utilization (CCU) can supplement CCS efforts.zA number of reaction types are identifi ed and reference ismade to seminal work in the area. The future opportunitiesfor using CO2 as a feedstock in the chemicals industry arediscussed and some suggestions made for future researchtargets. Consideration is made for the energy penalty incarrying out such suggestions and it is recommended thatwhole systems analyses be carried out on processes thatare identifi ed and that alternative, sustainable energysources are considered at an early stage in reactions andprocess design.