Angelini – CDMO – CRDMO: Tools and different business model for new opportunity in synthesis

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The active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) is the foundation of a final drug product and is a crucial consideration when choosing a Contract Development and Manufacturing Organisation (CDMO) or Contract Research (in House) Development and Manufacturing Organisation (CRDMO).


As we well know APIs production is a complex and highly specialized activity, requiring the expert intertwining of chemistry, biology and engineering.


Outsourcing to CDMOs can also provide companies with access to a flexible workforce comprised of highly-specialized experts. Recently, increased outsourcing to CDMOs has been observed for drug owners from biopharma to pharma companies, from small to large firms, and for early to late-stage development projects.


The quality of APIs has a significant effect on the efficacy (producing the result desired) and the safety of medications. Choosing a CDMO/CRDMO that can provide t ...