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CEPiA: a solution provider focused on expertise and respect

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Chimica Oggi/Chemistry Today – TKS publisher

Sanofi, a global and diversified healthcare leader, discovers, develops and distributes therapeutic solutions focused on patients’ needs. Within the Industrial Affairs Division of Sanofi, CEPiA (Commercial & External Partnership, Industrial Affairs) covers third party activities, including Sales and Sub-contracting. By employing its exhaustive industrial resources and other resources expected of big pharma, CEPiA, driven by the need to innovate and create, provides its clients with “fast to market” solutions.
To learn more on CEPiA organization and commercial offer we had a talk with Jacques Tavernier – CEPiA Senior Vice President – and Philippe Clavel - CEPiA Custom Synthesis & API Contract Manufacturing Director.

Could you spend a few words on CEPiA establishment and organization?

Jacques Tavernier - The third party Sales activity has been existing for many years within the historical companies of Sanofi. In order to regroup and organize this activity under one single entity and better meet the evolutions of the market and the customers’ requirements, CEPiA has been created few years ago. The mission of the CEPiA Sa ...

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