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Chemistry 4.0 in pharmaceutical development


Arcinova, Alnwick, United Kingdom


The pharmaceutical industry is being revolutionised by the utilisation of digital technologies. Chemistry 4.0 describes this digital transformation and how its delivery is paving the way for the industry’s next stage of development. Chemists are already employing computer technology across the drug development pathway to benefit from faster screening and the creation of superior process models. Chemistry 4.0 promises a bright future for the industry as it will enable greater understanding of reaction processes and unchain chemists from repetitive, time-consuming work.

Chemistry 4.0 describes the digital transformation that is taking place across chemical industries. This fourth stage of development is utilising the power of computer technology to improve the way chemistry is performed. Chemistry 4.0 presents a significant opportunity for the pharmaceutical industry, particularly as the trend for increasingly complex new medicines requires greater understanding of the underlying chemistry.

Digital technologies can be applied across the drug development pathway. This includes the use of algorithms for better drug molecule route design and the development of automated systems to optimise process chemistry. For pharmaceutical companies to fully benefit from this next stage of development, Chemistry 4.0 must be aligned with Industry 4.0 – the trend for digital technologies that enhance manufacturing systems. The combination of Chemistry 4.0 and Industry 4.0 is particularly important at the interface between formulation development and drug manufacturing. 


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