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CNR: aiming at a hub of knowledge and competences – A word with Luigi Nicolais – President of CNR


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Chimica Oggi / Chemistry Today – TKS Publisher

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The Minister of Education, University and Research Francesco Profumo appointed Luigi Nicolais President of the National Research Council (CNR) in February 2012. Let’s hear directly from the new president how CNR is changing and evolving under his supervision.

In February when you were appointed president of CNR, you said: “I will give my contribution to reduce bureaucracy, increase efficiency and strengthen confidence”. Nine months later, are you able to evaluate your work?
CNR is a complex organization and its restructuring goes through different phases. Nine months later we have started the process of simplification and reduction of paper-based bureaucracy. The first draft for the re-organisation of the offices has been prepared and a round table on it will be opened with the Unions. The selection process for the Departments Director is on the way to its conclusion and planning has started for the celebration of the 90 years from the establishment of CNR. This will indeed be ...

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