Cosmetics in Italy, passion and innovation



account manager at Merck


The 30th IFSCC Congress in Munich has just ended and we are quickly approaching to the 25th Conference IFSCC 2019 in Milano. We are all very excited for this event that comes back to Italy after 14 years; we all have a great memory of the last event in Florence in 2005. We are impatient to show our organizational ability to the cosmetic world, our passion for research and the excellence that makes us recognizable in this field and especially in the decorative one. Our companies have become a global benchmark in make-up contract manufacturing and some of them are now real multinational companies, establishing R&D centers and production plants in the most strategic cosmetic countries.

Our passion for colors, our creativity and the Italian good taste are an example in this world eager for new ideas and technological innovations.  Italian Make Up contract manufacturers are producing about 60% of the worldwide Color Cosmetic business, an extraordinary result which is not only due to the passion for colors. The innovation capabilities of our entrepreneurs, the skills of our researchers and th ...