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COVID-19 global crisis: Challenge and opportunities for the nutrition industry

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Probiotical, Novara, Italy

In the historical situation of humanity facing the globalized Covid-19 outbreak, consumer trends have evolved rapidly and health has been taking the lead on people’s priority list like never before. While the industry has been confronted to significant decreases in sell-out during the confinement, nutrition and wellness have been gathering increasing importance in the consumer mindset, especially with regards to the categories of immunity and mental health, which sales have been boosted by the crisis.

The scientific community is focusing more than ever on nutrients and ingredients able to support an effective immune system and prevent viral infection and new clinical trials have been launched on the potential to prevent or decrease severity of Covid-19. Bioactive lipids, botanicals, vitamins and probiotics in particular have important public health potential and will be discussed in this second edition of the year of AgroFood Industry, which includes a full section on Covid-19 and nutrition.

Our immune system is indeed our first line of defense against infection. To function correctly, it requires balance and training. Over 70% o ...

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