NUTRISWISS – Customised high-purity oils and fats


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If you need to remove contaminants from oils and fats or, ideally, even prevent them from occurring, then you need to talk to the refinement experts at Nutriswiss. The Swiss market leader for high-quality edible fats, speciality and organic products purifies raw materials, has its own supply chains and creates customised blends.


First-rate oils
Nutriswiss purifies and modifies oils and fats with defined sensory properties that meet the highest quality standards. The Swiss experts either refine oils provided by clients or use their own established supply chains to source raw materials from around the world. To prevent contamination during transport, they use sealed food-grade containers. Overall, the company’s portfolio comprises a wide variety of different raw materials, including certified organic and speciality oils such as shea butter, omega-3-rich algae or fish oil, linseed and algae, linseed or fish oil. Annually, Nutriswiss produces more than 50,000 tons of fats and oils for the food, confectionary, retail, personal care and pharmaceutical industry.


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