Italmatch Chemicals – Dapracare Ingredients of choice for Personal Care


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Under The Brand Dapracare ® and Turpinal ® Italmatch produces and offers an interesting range of cosmetic grade raw materials. Our portfolio covers all major Personal Care applications: from Skin Care (Face, Body and Sun Care, Color cosmetic, Shower gel, Deodorant and Wet wipes) to Hair Care (Shampoos, Conditioner, Hair coloring & bleaching):

Dapracare® Emollients: a range of products suitable to formulate creams & lotions

Dapracare® Emulsifiers and Cream base: O/W , W/O emulsifiers and O/W cream bases to produce stable and modern emulsions

Dapracare® Thickeners & Consistency Giving Factors: to provide consistency to your emulsions and toiletries

Dapracare® Pearling Agent to give visual pearlin ...