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Dietary supplements have become more dynamic and more personalised


Managing Editor, TKS Publisher

Dear Reader,

this first 2018 issue of Agro Food Industry Hi Tech features both a new graphical layout to simplify the reading and a whole issue devoted to Bone, Joint, Muscle and Skin care. Maintaining good bone, joint, muscle and skin health is one of the most important things one can do and nutritional status and food intake can certainly influence and improve general conditions.

In this issue you can find literature reviews taking into consideration 5-7 of the most important and significative papers published in the last few years judged significative for the possible implementation in the industry. The experts involved have written a summary and comment for each paper on the basis of their experience, taking into consideration the following thematic areas: 

  1. Embryonic nutrients, environmental chemicals and nutritional epigenetics linked to bone health
  2. Polyphenols for skeletal muscle recovery in sports
  3. Nutraceuticals for skin care

An in-depth analysis moreover of the bone/joint health market, which you will find in th ...

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