Does the future of beauty reside in epigenetics?


Fine Natural Products, LLC, USA


Genes are not your destiny. The emerging science of epigenetics now shows that diet and lifestyle accounts for a significant portion of aging and disease through modification of gene expression. Epigenetics provides a new approach to skin aging by uncovering specific foods and other lifestyle strategies that result in activation of anti-inflammatory and antiaging genes. Epigenetics also makes it possible to stimulate the body’s own production of endogenous antioxidants and detoxification enzymes which protects and preserves the skin. Through lifestyle and diet modification, one can augment collagen production and retard its degradation, suppress inflammation, and restore vitality and firmness to skin with no extra application of skincare products.

While many explorers over the centuries have hunted for the Fountain of Youth, what if the true Fountain of Youth could be found by activating our own epigenetics to turn on our beauty and health genes? What if WE hold the key to activating cellular changes from the inside out that result in changing and reversing skin gene expression over time, helping skin to look and act younger?

Epigenetics speaks to the very underpinnings of the “Beauty from Within” trend, and holds the potential to define the influences of our environment not only on our skin, but on our entire aging process as well. This is the future of not only skin care but also of medicine!

“Epi” is a Greek prefix that means on or above, and epigenetics refers to factors that act upon our DNA to either turn them on or off.  Think of your DNA as your hardware, and epigenetics as the software that tells the hardware what to do.  The beauty of epigenetics is that it is through the hundred or more decision points that we make each and every day t ...