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Dr. Aslam Malik, CEO – AMPAC Fine Chemicals


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We have been very busy, like all of the US-based CDMOs. 

We have made a lot of investments in quality and other initiatives that we have been working on for years. One is continuous improvement, where we have implemented Kaizen, and it is really paying off right now. This started in our facility at Rancho Cordova in California and we have started expanding it to our other facilities. We recently bought Boehringer Ingelheim’s former plant in Virginia. It’s a beautiful facilitythat was built to pharma standards, not the usual dedicated ex-Big Pharma site: it used to be Lee Chemicals and was famed for multi-purpose products, then Boehringer Ingelheim acquired it and built it up to the required standards, so a large part of the facility is extremely flexible. 



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