Dr. Organic Bioactive Skincare Manuka Honey Rescue Cream

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Neal’s Yard Remedies, Research & Innovation, Gillingham, United Kingdom

This product is described by the Manufacturer as an intensive hypoallergenic formulation containing a rich blend of key functional ingredients that is safe to use on dry damaged skin, sun exposed skin, sensitive and irritated skin, leaving it intensely moisturized, instantly restored and visibly healthier all day long.

The formula is based on an oil-in-water system: Cetearyl Glucoside is the chosen emulsifier.

It is a vegetable-derived ingredient produced by condensation of Cetearyl Alcohol with Glucose.

It is defined as a “gluco-lipidic” emulsifier due to its nature and is a good alternative to non-ionic ethoxylated ingredients.

It shows very good emulsifying properties with a wide variety of oil phases and can form liquid crystal structures depending on the system.

It imparts a fresh and light skin feel and can be used in different formats.

The manufacturing process of Cetearyl Glucoside normally yields some non-reacted Cetearyl Alcohol which helps with both viscosity and stabilisation.

Rheology modification is imparted by Xanthan Gum, an exocellular biopolysaccharide obtained from biomasses fermentation of Xanthomona ...