Dr. Valentino J. Stella Ph.D., Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Pharmaceutical Chemistry – The University of Kansas

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I had the honour of working with Dr. Stella for about 5 years at the University of Kansas. And, trust me, it has been an honour, in spite of the late nights in the lab, frustrations about bad project outcomes, and writing and re-writing the same paper to make it up to Val’s standards. It is easy to understand why it has been an honour if you think that in our field of pharmaceuticals we generally acknowledge as inventors those among us who have made a single discovery and acknowledge as thought leaders those with multiple innovations.

Because Professor Stella has made multiple discoveries and innovations in diverse scientific fields spanning pharmacokinetics and lymphatic transport, preformulation and chemical kinetics, development of novel excipients, drug delivery technologies, prodrug design and evaluation, and pharmaceutical preparations, we therefore refer to him as a “giant in pharmaceutical chemistry*”.
To walk among giants is not something you can do every day. After I read one of his latest ...