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Du Pont
Preferred stain removal technology for laundry
By the Fabric & Household Care team atDuPont Industrial Biosciences


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Du pont

With consumers leading such busy lives, there is an increasing demand for products that save time and effort – but don’t impact the environment. People desire detergents that provide a great first-time clean, without the need for pre-soaking or treating. Our PREFERENZ™ products rise to this challenge by providing outstanding stain-busting performance, no matter what the machine settings.
As food manufacturers continue to develop healthier and more convenient products containing less fat, thickening agents - and other ingredients - are being used as a replacement, resulting in more diverse stains on the clothes of consumers. Changing trends like this means today’s detergents need to be able to cope with the demand for varied and robust stain removal.
Using premium enzyme technology, the products within our PREFERENZ™ category are proven to provid ...

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